Clamped beam, point load in middle

Use this calculator to determine deflection of a profile with second moment of inertia I, length l and Young's Modulus E under influence of load F.

Optionally x can be used to determine the deflection at a specific point along the axis of the profile.

νx νmax θmax l 2 l 2 F

\[ v_{max}=\dfrac {5Fl^{3}} {48EI} \]

\[ \theta =\dfrac {Fl^{2}} {8EI} \]

\[if \quad (x <= \dfrac {l}{2})\]\[ v_{(x)}=\dfrac {Fx^{2}} {6EI} (1.5l-x)\]\[if \quad (x > \dfrac {l}{2})\] \[ v_{(x)}=\dfrac {Fl^{2}} {24EI} (3x-0.5l) \]