Polyamide 11 or nylon 11 is a semi-crystalline aliphatic polyamide with a
very high chemical resistance. It has relatively little amide groups in the
chain compared to the most common nylons ( PA6 and PA66), therefore,
the moisture absorption is low. This means that the mechanical properties
and dimensions are not influenced much by the environment it is used in.
PA11 is produced from a renewable resource: castor oil.
It can be used at a wide temperature range, and remains ductile down to
very low temperatures (-40 °C or even lower). Due to the relatively high
price PA11 is mainly used in applications where the excellent chemical
resistance to hydrocarbons and low permeability, and/or the low
temperature ductility are vital, such as in the oil and gas industry and in
the automotive industry.

Specific properties
Density: 1.03 g/cm3.

Mechanical properties: Relatively low stiffness (ca. 1200 MPa) but very
high toughness/ductility, even at low temperatures. Due to low moisture
absorption the mechanical properties do not decrease much when
conditioned. Fiber filled grades for higher Young's Modulus are available, and
plasticized grades for a elastomer-like Young's Modulus (150 MPa).

Thermal properties: Tg around 45 °C (dry, conditioned lower),
Tm 180-189 °C. Stable at long term high temperature applications (125 °C).

Chemical resistance: very good resistance against oil, fuels and hydraulic
fluids. More resistant to diluted acids and bases than other polyamides.

White opaque with glossy surface. Can be easily coloured.

Suitable for extrusion, blow moulding, injection moulding and rotomoulding.

Industrial: pneumatic hoses, hydraulic hoses, filters (fibers).
Oil and gas: flexible (offshore) flow lines, flexible liners, umbilical
lines and cables, pipes, fittings, valves.
Aerospace: cable sheathing, hydraulic and air-conditioning hoses,
oil tanks.
Electronics/communication: Optical and copper cable sheathing,
connectors, housings, clips.
Medical: catheters, solution bags, food and beverage tubes,
medical equipment.
Sports: components for rackets, shoe soles, skies (top layer)

Polyamide 11

Young's modulus 1250 MPa
Shear modulus 475 MPa
Tensile strength 47 MPa
Elongation 280 %
Bending strength 57.5 MPa
Hardness 106 Rockwell
Yield strength 0 MPa
Thermal expansion 115 E-6/K
Thermal conductivity 0.28 W/m*K
Specific heat 2400 J/kg*K
Melting temperature 190 °C
Glass temperature 46 °C
Minimum service temperature -70 °C
Maximum service temperature 80 °C
Density 1045 kg/m3
Resistivity 1E+18 Ohm*mm2/m
Breakdown potential 30 kV/mm
Dielectric loss factor 0.055
Friction coefficient 0.35
Refraction index 1.52
Water absorption 1.5 %